Android WorkManager: The Ultimate Guide

  • Use WorkManager to perform background tasks in Android apps.
  • Created by Google, but still in alpha. Expect a final release within a few months.

1 week ago

The Best Android Books for Learning Kotlin

  • Learning a new programming language can be hard.
  • Thankfully, there are a number of excellent books on Kotlin to get you up to speed.

2 weeks ago

Daniel Malone: What I'm Reading (September 2018)

  • See Daniel's reading list for September, 2018
  • Topics include software engineering, history and psychology.

2 weeks ago

Introducing androidEveryday()

  • androidEverywhere is for Android Developers of all skill levels.
  • We hope you enjoy the content.

2 weeks ago

Test Driven Development with Android Studio

  • See how Espresso can automate, speed up the development workflow.
  • Get started with TDD with Kotlin in Android Studio

2 weeks ago

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