Android RecyclerView with Kotlin - Part 1

  • Oftentimes, developers need to display a list of some sort of data.
  • Whatever type of data is displayed, you should use a RecyclerView.

6 days ago

Display Sample Data when Creating a RecyclerView

  • Android Studio's default RecyclerView preview lacks sample data.
  • Adding sample data can be helpful for debugging.

1 week ago

Android Studio Tutorial with Kotlin (2018 Edition) - Part 2

  • Create a UI in Android Studio using the Design mode.
  • In this latest installment for beginners, we'll add a widget to our screen.

1 week ago

Android App Development for Beginners

  • Apps are everywhere. Find out what you need to know to build your first app.
  • Follow along with this weekly series to get up to speed with all things Android.

3 weeks ago

An Introduction to RxJava for Android Developers

  • What is RxJava? and why should we use it?
  • An introduction to RxJava and brief examples of how it can be used inside Android apps.

3 weeks ago

Getting started with Test-Driven Development (TDD)

  • Too many developers manually test their apps.
  • Learn about TDD and see how it can speed up development.

3 weeks ago

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