Android SharedPreferences Tutorial in Kotlin

  • Use SharedPreferences to store simple data in Android Studio projects.
  • It's good for storing small amounts of data

    3 weeks ago

Cleaner Architecture for Android Apps

  • Clean Architecture for Android can help developers prepare for change.
  • But app developers can't possibly know what will change.

    3 weeks ago

Android RecyclerView with Kotlin – Part 3

  • In part three of this series, finish creating the RecyclerView.
  • Use onBindViewHolder to display data.

4 weeks ago

Android and RxJava: Using a Single

  • Use RxJava's Single class when the expected type is either a success or error.
  • It's only slightly different from Observable.just(), which we discussed in the last article.

1 month ago

Android and RxJava: Getting Started

  • The powerful library RxJava can help developers build better apps.
  • See how to use Observables and Observers in this tutorial.

1 month ago

Android RecyclerView with Kotlin - Part 1

  • Oftentimes, developers need to display a list of some sort of data.
  • Whatever type of data is displayed, you should use a RecyclerView.

1 month ago

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