Introducing androidEveryday()

Today I embark on a journey to maintain yet another website and write at least three posts to this publication. This website was developed in about 10-15 hours and was created entirely using WordPress and Gutenberg. What’s the purpose of this publication? To help Android Developers.

If you’re an Android Developer desiring to build skills and create native apps, this is the place for you. Check back weekly for updates. Enjoy!

About the author

Daniel Malone
Bringing more than a decade of software engineering experience, Daniel Malone is Editor at androidEveryday. An Austin native, Daniel is often found reading technical books, blogging and creating YouTube tutorials. When not working, he likes to listen to pop hits on Google Play Music.

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findViewById() in Kotlin

  • As you may have discovered, findViewByid() is no longer needed.
  • Kotlin adds the ability to directly access Views.

1 week ago

Android Architecture Components Tutorial: ViewModel + LiveData

  • Use Kotlin to build a basic Android app using Android Architecture Components.
  • As part of Jetpack, LiveData and ViewModel support a MVVM app architecture.

3 weeks ago

Android SharedPreferences Tutorial in Kotlin

  • Use SharedPreferences to store simple data in Android Studio projects.
  • It's good for storing small amounts of data

    3 weeks ago