My Experience as an Android Developer in Austin

I was twelve-years-old and trying to figure out how to publish my news publication so my siblings could read it. (I have 8 siblings.) There I am, 12pm, attempting to share my WordPad articles from a Windows XP computer to a Windows 98 computer. It was hard.

I eventually figured it out, but the struggle was immense. It reminds me of this publication, androidEveryday. It may have been hard, but it only took about 15 hours to get this site online. Today, I’m a better developer than I’ve ever been, thanks to my habit of reading, and reading a lot.

I read The New York Times, The Austin-American Statesman, and countless other articles on Medium and blogs. But back to Android, “how did I make it?”

My first full-time job was with VariZoom in North Austin, Texas. As a Web Developer, I managed the company’s entire web presence, including, but not limited to, design, development, product photography, marketing, video editing, content development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Although I only made $15/hr. — later increased to $18/hr. — it gave me a lot of experience. I was managing multiple websites and scaling to nearly 1,000 unique users per day, nothing by today’s standards.

After VariZoom, I moved on to Ingram Technologies where I, again, managed all digital infrastructure, including web development, design, SEO, marketing and social media.

Ingram gave me the experience I needed to move on to AVAI Mobile in 2016, earning me $60/hr. It was good work, and I worked hard. I created a native Android app for a client in the political space.

Today I work as an Android Developer at H-E-B in Downtown Austin at Capital Factory. I work exclusively on the Curbside Pickup Android app (yet-to-be released).

Daniel Malone Daniel Malone
Bringing more than a decade of software engineering experience, Daniel Malone is Editor at androidEveryday. An Austin native, Daniel is often found reading technical books, blogging and creating YouTube tutorials. When not working, he likes to listen to pop hits on Google Play Music.

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