Android App Development for Beginners

Apps. We use them every day, and probably every hour, if not every few minutes. Whether for business or pleasure, apps everywhere are helping people stay more productive (or not) and are highly transformative. Try to think of an industry in the past 20 years that hasn’t been affected by technology.

But how are apps created?

Apps are created using Android Studio, which is free for Windows, macOS and Linux. Download Android Studio from the official Android Developer website.

What does Android Studio do?

Android Studio is where you will be creating your Android app. Android Studio includes everything you need to build apps, and it’s even free.

What programming languages are used? Java?

Most developers today build apps using Kotlin, a newer, Google-supported language originally developed by the makers of IntelliJ IDEA. (Android Studio is based off IntelliJ IDEA.) Most older apps were written in Java. Additionally, XML is used for all layouts, although there is a Design mode that some find easier than XML to use.

Can I develop on an Android tablet?

No. You will need a computer to build apps.

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Bringing more than a decade of software engineering experience, Daniel Malone is Editor at androidEveryday. An Austin native, Daniel is often found reading technical books, blogging and creating YouTube tutorials. When not working, he likes to listen to pop hits on Google Play Music.

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